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Article: Shopping Cart Abandonment


Recent Survey Gives Online Merchants Fifteen Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Market researchers say the rate at which Web consumers abandon their online shopping carts before making purchases online runs between 25 percent (Andersen Consulting) on the low end and 78 percent ( on the high end. A recent survey by Global Millennia Marketing, an Internet e-storefront developer, offers valuable insight into understanding shopping cart abandonment.

Global Millennia Marketing conducted a number of survey's via its various monthly clients newsletters and was used as part of the design study for development of IMScart our newly released merchandising and shopping cart system. The results detail the experiences of 833 subscribers who responded as to how they used shopping carts on a wide variety of e-commerce sites.

According to the survey, the top 15 reasons for shopping cart abandonment, and the percentage of subscribers citing each as a reason, include:

  1. Cost of Shipping too high and not shown until checkout (69%)
  2. Changed mind and discarded cart contents (61%)
  3. Comparison shopping or browsing (57%)
  4. Total cost of items is too high (49%)
  5. Saving items for later purchase (47%)
  6. Checkout process is too long (44%)
  7. Out of stock products at checkout time (39%)
  8. Checkout requires too much personal information (35%)
  9. Poor site navigation and long download times (31%)
  10. Lack of sufficient product or contact information (31%)
  11. Checkout process is confusing (27%)
  12. Site requires registration before purchase (23%)
  13. Site unclear on delivery times (17%)
  14. No order tracking options (16%)
  15. No gift certificates (11%)

"It's unfortunate that Web retailers are losing customers due to issues that can be resolved by understanding retailing and merchandising principles." said John Shenton, president of Global Millennia Marketing. "These fundamental issues can have a significant impact on the underlying business.

It can be clearly seen that shopping-cart-abandonment would drop dramatically with a well designed e-commerce solution, resulting in significant increases in revenue and bottom line profit."- John Shenton - April, 2002


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N.B.** The articles were first published in the Times (Montreal, Canada) and written by John Shenton as special contributor to the Times Technology Section. Articles and Reports written by us may be printed or displayed on your website providing they are kept intact and a link/attribution to this website or Internet Merchandising Systems plus authorship is displayed.




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