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Our collected articles and other of our published material are now available as an e-Book in MS- Reader format.

e-Commerce - Off the Wall - Includes all of our currently published articles. Author John Shenton

Our articles were written and published by us and cover a wide range of eCommerce subjects. Ranging from setting up a website, corporate identities, branding online, search engines, collaborative ecommerce, merchant accounts, eCommerce growth and potential and much more.

The articles are available individually in our reports section but at your request we can send you a copy in MS reader format.

Internet Business Basics - Includes three main sections: Business Plan Basics, Funding a Business and Understanding Money Sources. Author John Shenton

1 - A practical guide to understanding business plans. Potential business problems, solutions and controls. The ď10 CommandmentísĒ for building a successful company. Seven critical questions for your business plan. Doís and Doníts. Documentation required. Extensive business plan outline. How to value your business. Financial ratios and how to interpret them when talking to investors. A 60-question business fitness quiz and Z score, how do you rate?

2 - Dealing with banks, their checklists and evaluation criteria. How to obtain a loan when you really need one. The Four ďCísĒ of commercial lending. Venture Capital firms, what are they? Their investment evaluation criteria. Types of funding. What is Venture Capital? Raising Venture Capital. What is the Financial I.Q. of your company? Are you worth financing? The economics of Venture Capital. How to fund your project. Venture Capital Doís and Doníts. Private Investors and how to reach them.

3 - Never enough money? How the need for capital really arises. Internal vs. External financing. This report identifies those situations that create a need for additional capital and planning for them. Capital sources available to business owners and how to take advantage of them. Trade credit and how to use it. Debt and Equity Capital. Identify collateral that can be used to secure loans. Identify potential compensation to equity investors. What is required in a loan proposal?


E-musings for Hoteliers - Includes all of our currently published hotel related articles. Author John Shenton

Articles written and published by us and of interest to Hoteliers. Thought provoking articles on ecommerce, for hotels, online bookings, distribution and increasing revenues online.

The articles are available individually in our reports section but at your request we can send you a copy in MS reader format.


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